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The Wessex Way Route Companion Pack
The Wessex WayThe Wessex Way captures the essence that is off-roading in Englandís green and pleasant southern counties. A landscape of remote download that never fails to impart a rich sense of freedom.

It is a ride of epic statistics - the longest off-road, coast-to-coast ride in England,comprising a week's trail-blazing that traverses the breadth of the ancient kingdom to which it is dedicated. Yet it is far from being tough.

Butser Hill on the Wessex WayAlthough one of our longer routes itís also one of the easiest. No need for you to be a free-ridewhiz-kid, pulling wheelies on a whim, bunny-hopping boulders with the greatest of ease and taking air like a Red Arrow pilot on a practice sortie. No trials skills needed.

250 miles at a steady 700í across southern England, over sumptuous, undulating landscapes make this ride a uniquely scenic experience. In the summer, in the dry, a fit rider could blitz the Wessex Way in four or five days, but in winter wet the same rider may take a full week. We suggest you pre-book accommodation - for southern England this route is surprisingly remote. Please visit the Useful Info page for important updates.

Price: $12.80 (£9.99 approx.)
The route...
The Wessex Way route

  • Start: Weston Super Mare
  • Finish: Beachy Head
  • Distance: 250 miles
  • Duration: 5-7 days
  • Split to day rides: in sections
  • Rail access: throughout