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The Lakeland Loop Route Companion Pack
The Lakeland LoopThe Lakeland Loop is the most challenging, long-distance off-road ride in England. Itís also the most spectacular. So if youíre looking for the ride of a lifetime, one thatís crammed with just about everything thatís great about off-roading, take up the challenge.

150 miles of knee-jerk downhills where treads spit grit and hot blocks cream rims grey; white-water fords split in arcs of silver spray; sensuous singletrack - eyes down, bike skipping; shredding the edge of awesome, yawning gaps backed by some prime-time scenic displays of splendid proportions. This routeís about riding in the wilds. Black Sail Pass

Itís not tied to an attempt to encompass every lake, or mountain or dale. In consequence we encounter the most scenic, the most radical and the most satisfying off-roading that The Lakes have to offer.

Take about a week to do this loop - which kicks off from Bowness - and youíll give yourself time to enjoy the sumptuous scenery as well as the riding. Definitely worthwhile. Thereís also a wide choice of accommodation from hostels and budget farmhouse B&Bs to luxury hotels - the choice is yours.
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The route...

  • Start: Bowness
  • Finish: Bowness
  • Distance: 150 miles
  • Duration: 3 - 6 days
  • Split to day rides: easy
  • Rail access: Bowness, Boot