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The High Peak Trails Route Companion Pack
The High Peak TrailsFully updated 3rd edition.

Six days of superlative off-roading in the Peak District encapsulates everything thatís great about mountain biking in Britain. And all contained within a double loop that circumnavigates the 500 square mile National Park.

The first National Park to be created, the Peak District is an upland gem hanging off the southern tip of the Pennine Chain. No National Park has a richer tapestry on which we can ride. Descending to Woodlands

From the delightful, thyme-scented Long Dale in the south to the grim, wind-swept Howden Moors of the north the landscape of the Peak is full of contrasts. The White and the Dark Peak. Landscapes in opposition. Their variety is the key to the fascination that riding the two High Peak Trails - both of which begin in Edale - never fails to provide.

This new edition includes 13 free maps.

Price: $12.80 (£9.99 approx.)
The route...
The High Peak Trails route

  • Start/Finish: Edale
  • Distance: 60-165 miles
  • Duration: 6/4/2 days
  • Split to day rides: easy
  • Rail access: good throughout