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Winter MTB Snowdonia
Dry trails, long days. Ideal for riding an MBRUK multi-day trail.

Mountain Bike Routes UK is dedicated to bringing you the best mountain bike tour guide books in the UK. The original The Coast-to-Coast is in its 6th edition (and with GPX available), sold nearly 6000 copies, is the most popular off-road route guide of its genre and was rated as No1 in Ten Top UK Adventure Holidays in The Guardian. The Sunday Times recommended the Scotland Trail in similar fashion and would no doubt heartily approve the latest, 3rd edition. For more info on our ride packs, click to see the latest editions and offers or updates.

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New Scotland Trail, limited colour editionWessex Way cover

The ultimate mountain bike challenge updated as a limited, colour edition. More...

Price: $14.08 (£10.99 approx.)

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Photo of mtb route Hexworthy  

Hexworthy riding in the heart of wild Dartmoor. Click photo for info...

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North York Moors

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